Project Manager, Solution Architect

CAD Rechenzentrum AG, services provider, Allschwil (CH)

Since 2011, I work as the (internal) Project Manager and Solution Architect for the LV project.

LV (Langsamverkehr, i.e. slow traffic) is another project for the FEDRO (Swiss Federal Roads Office). The objectives of this project is to develop an application used to manage slow traffic: hike, bicycle, mountain bike, .... The application allows definition of new roads, paths or even direction signs.

The application makes strong usage of the ESRI solution

  • Functional requirements analysis
  • Architecture definition
  • Architecture documentation (SAD)
  • Architecture implementation
  • Definition of the internal development framework
  • Prototypes creation
  • Technical team meetings organization
  • Leading code and concepts reviews
  • Use Cases realization
  • User Interface design

Tags: .NET 4.5, WCF, Silverlight, XAML, Mapping O/R, NHibernate, TFS, ReSharper, FxCop, Oracle, UML, Software Architect, ESRI, ArcMap

Since November 2011 (Solution Architect)

Since January 2013 (Project Manager)

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